L'Origine du monde

by Thanet Awsinsiri


Key Visual Design for
L'Origine du monde by Thanet Awsinsiri
at 100 Tonson Gallery
The title of the exhibition “L’Origine du monde" is taken from one of the most infamous artwork in the western canon, L’Origine du monde by Gustave Courbet. Courbet was commissioned to paint L’Origine du monde for a wealthy collector to add to his collection of erotic pictures. Years after years, the painting pass through a series of private hands and eventually landed under a possession of a renowned french psychoanalyst, Jacque Lancan in which after he died the family donated the work to Musee D’Orsay where the painting is now on permanent display. After its arrival at Musee D’Orsay, the painting caused much controversies to the public as its explicit natures question what is appropriate for the public. Nevertheless, the work has been openly display for decades and the standards of morals and portrayal of nudes in public has change drastically but the work is still raising troubling question of voyeurism and today’s feminism. In this exhibition Thanet created a phantom replica of the work, not as a painting but a new entity as a low-relief sculpture.
The exhibition also includes a video installation “The Earth” a juxtaposed footage from Bigas Luna’s 1995 short film, part of a celebration for Lumière et compagnie. the footage depicts a woman sits in a freshly plowed field, nursing her baby. This kind of earthy sexuality is often seen in Luna’s work. Thanet then juxtaposed the shorts with footages of the 2016 floods in the central region which was greatly devastated but underrepresented in the media.

Photo Credits : 100Tonson Gallery