— 134340


Originating from the thread in “Pantip” named
“Do you ever have your own Pluto?”

The threads talking about the story of the forgotten planet “Pluto” that was suddenly cut away from the solar system which remind him of a forgotten relationship in his past .

From the thread to post on Social Networks to Facebook Page
to Twitter Account and become the event eventually.
(Which the event are Exhibition & Concert with an entrance fee charged )

The organisers have invited me to participate in this event as an artist. I start researching on the project by going back to the origin of this whole story, knowing the background of the writer, reading all the comments and post in the #Plutonian hashtag.

Then I discovered that it is just a fantasy of a person taken on their dream, memories and ex-stuff then turned it into a profit event.

So I intend to create an Installation work called
"33802951 - 134340” to represent the unmet messages.

'33802951' are the thread URL link,
and '134340’ are Pluto code name.

I put all the text data from the thread, some of the favourite post on a #plutonian hashtag to all of the detail of the event including ticket price on each Clear Acrylic sheets. 

The starting sheet is Earth, and the Pluto as a destination, the sequence in between are all the messages that sent from earth. Which I build it this way to keep viewers walking around the workpiece. If we stand from a side of the world, we will be able to read all the text.

However, if we're looking from the of Pluto side, then we will see only the text overlapping is black, Means that we are all talking about Pluto, but that was never sent. Pluto does not know anything, It was still a planet that had been removed from the solar system, and it will eventually be forgotten.